3 scenarios where 49ers trade up in 2022 NFL Draft

Derek Stingley Jr. #7 of the LSU Tigers (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Derek Stingley Jr. #7 of the LSU Tigers (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /
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The 49ers don’t hold a pick in the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft or even an early second-round pick, but they do have the ammunition to do so if they desire. 

San Francisco 49ers fans could be forgiven for considering the 2022 NFL Draft a somewhat abstract part of the year for them, given the team doesn’t have a selection until No. 61 overall.

While there’s no shortage of stars on the Niners who were picked after the first round, from wide receiver Deebo Samuel to tight end George Kittle and linebacker Fred Warner (all three of whom are All-Pro selections from the last few seasons), it’s the first round that captures the attention of your average fan.

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While draftniks will always love all three days of the draft, arguing endlessly online about who the real steals of the draft are, your Joe and Jane Six-Pack probably aren’t going to be that enraptured by it.

While the 49ers don’t have a pick in the first round as of yet, they have the ammunition to move up. They currently possess three picks on Day 2 of the draft, a number that’s likely to increase once the inevitable trade of quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo goes through.

As a team that has needs at cornerback, there could be something to moving up to grab one of the top cornerbacks on the board or someone else that tickles a fancy.

In fact it may not even need to be a first-round selection, San Francisco could just choose to move up into the top 50 picks or so. Niner Noise has made no secret of its love for players like North Dakota State wide receiver Christian Watson or Baylor cornerback Jalen Pitre, who are on that bubble between the first and second rounds after strong performances in the NFL Scouting Combine.

Here we look at three scenarios: a possible trade deep into the first round, a trade into the latter stages of the first round, and a trade earlier into the second round.

Let’s take a look.