Trent Williams is secretly 49ers best player so far in 2021

San Francisco 49ers offensive tackle Trent Williams (71) Mandatory Credit: Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports
San Francisco 49ers offensive tackle Trent Williams (71) Mandatory Credit: Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports /

The San Francisco 49ers are loaded with top-tier talent but Trent Williams is secretly the team’s best player in 2021 by far.

The San Francisco 49ers are loaded with premier talent up and down the roster, but without question, the team’s best player is left tackle Trent Williams.

While that may seem like a bold statement when you consider there are other star players such as tight end George Kittle, linebacker Fred Warner, or EDGE Nick Bosa who are all worthy of consideration, it is still Williams. Yet Williams is hardly mentioned by the media and fans alike.


Because, unfortunately for Williams, he plays on the offensive line where players often get overlooked.

This is exactly the reason why Williams, whose talents are as explosive as they come, has to be labeled as “secret.” 49ers fans are also a little used to having a great offensive tackle on the roster. For years, former 49er and all-time great, Joe Staley, protected the blindside of the team’s quarterbacks.

As great as Staley was, and he was exceptional, Williams is on another level. Williams possesses supremely rare athletic ability paired with an equally superior skill set that simply bullies the competition.

Some of the best offensive tackles in the game are great pass blockers and run blocks at an average-to-good level. Williams is a beast in both the run and passing game.

Quite simply, Williams is not only the best player on the 49ers roster, he is the best offensive tackle in 2021.

Trent Williams, a 49ers pass-blocking wall

Williams’ ability as a blindside blocker is something straight out of the comic books. His film is littered with example after example of Williams putting defenders either looking up at the lights or face down eating grass.

Williams’ quick feet, long arms, and superhero strength allow him to easily take on the league’s best pass-rushers. Honestly, he ragdolls the other team’s best.

Through four weeks of football, Pro Football Focus ranks Williams as their No. 1 offensive tackle with an overall grade of 93.7. Need evidence of how superb he is? Please see the following video (video created by Niners Nation’s Rich Madrid) for all the evidence one would need to see of Williams’ all-world pass blocking ability:

Trent Williams, a 49ers run-blocking behemoth

Williams is also a very disrespectful run blocker, who runs roughshod on opposing defenders, and he blocks with such physicality that his strength and fluidity jump off the screen. How can Williams’ physicality be described? Well, he does the best in describing his playing mentality. Williams envisions himself as a “Silverback Gorilla,” and “Silverback” is his nickname, a dominant alpha who must use severe violence, speed, and brutality to defend his own.

On Sundays, Williams just overpowers and overwhelms defenders with unrelenting tenacity which is further validated by his PFF run-blocking grade of 94.1.

The best evidence is video evidence and the video below clearly displays his run-blocking prowess:

How Trent Williams is the perfect left offensive tackle – Trent Williams

Williams has all the tools in the mold of the “perfect” blindside protector: quick, powerful, fierce, smart, and complete. He is quite possibly the most complete offensive tackle that may have ever played the game.

Enjoyed watching clips of Williams brutalizing defenders? Watch this video from Brandon Thorn of Trench Warfare, who breaks down Williams’ dominant play:

Hopefully, Williams is a full-go participant for the 49ers’ Week 5 matchup against the 4-0 Arizona Cardinals, as the perennial Pro Bowl suffered a scary shoulder injury in Week 4.

As you can see from the above clips, the Niners do not have anyone who can replace Trent Williams.

In fairness, no other team does either.

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