SF 49ers: George Kittle would be the perfect Halloween villain

George Kittle #85 of the San Francisco 49ers (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)
George Kittle #85 of the San Francisco 49ers (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images) /

SF 49ers tight end George Kittle is a great player and a great guy, yet he could easily be cast as the perfect Halloween villain.

Let’s admit it: SF 49ers tight end George Kittle is probably the most entertaining player to watch on the Niners roster, and he’s surely right up there with the rest of the NFL’s greats when it comes to excitement value.

Be it on or off the field, Kittle never shies away from his funny antics and lets his personality shine through, almost as if he was scripted for a Hollywood comedy movie.

But in the spirit of Halloween, wouldn’t it be fun to cast the first-team All-Pro tight end as a sort of “Super Villain?”

Of course, it would.

Perhaps Kittle has already embraced this role. His fourth year in the league, Kittle is already one of the most feared players out there. Just ask those three New Orleans Saints defenders trying to tackle him on the play that set up the SF 49ers’ game-winning field goal in that thrilling Week 14 win in 2019.

Or maybe it’s Kittle’s unique Joker tattoo he got on his left forearm in 2019, showing just how much he appreciates the evil villain.

Kittle has no doubt been one of many other teams’ “evil villains” when lining up opposite them on the field.

Casting SF 49ers’ George Kittle in a Halloween thriller

Kittle is so talented, it might be easy to cast him as any one of a number of different evil-doers in a Halloween spooker. But the tight end previously admitted he was a huge fan of HBO’s hit series, Game of Thrones, so perhaps something of the fantasy genre would be appropriate.

Although Kittle later admitted he didn’t “think I’d want to be any Game of Thrones characters because they all die.”

Well, that often happens to villains in movies.

Perhaps putting Kittle in a movie where he could be the brute-force personality showcasing his well-known, half-laughing, half-evil smile would be the perfect fit. Not only would he be an entertaining movie villain fans would love to hate — the great actors all do this — but he’d take his on-field intimidation factor to an entirely new level.

And fans would certainly soak it all up.

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Happy Halloween, everybody.