129 thoughts during SF 49ers Week 4 horror show vs. Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Travis Fulgham (13) against San Francisco 49ers cornerback Dontae Johnson (27) Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Travis Fulgham (13) against San Francisco 49ers cornerback Dontae Johnson (27) Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports /

Niner Noise’s resident Australian breaks down Week 4’s nasty SF 49ers loss to the Eagles.

  • As usual, I am here and ready for some SF 49ers football with you all!
  • Chores notwithstanding, since for once this game isn’t starting at 4 a.m. local time.

    Nice defensive stand by the 49ers early.

    Does Trent Taylor realize there’s still a fair catch rule?

  • Unfortunately, Nick Mullens missed a wide over Kyle Juszczyk there, that was a potential touchdown.
  • It’s nice to see George Kittle back, though.
  • Bit of an uneasy beginning for both teams, although it’s fairer to say the 49ers defense looked more adept at covering early.

    Dammit, Fred Warner jumped early.

    And in no small part due to that, the Eagles are beginning to drive down the field.


    That surely has to stand, right?

    This commercial break needs a commercial break.

    Am I the only one who wants to see some JaMycal Hasty early and often?

    Ugh, another penalty for the 49ers.

    The offensive line is having a shocker to open the game.

    I’m loving the run defense to start this game.

    Ugh, ANOTHER ******* flag that kills our momentum. This time on defense.

  • Javon Kinlaw missed a golden chance for a first ever sack there.
  • ANOTHER ******* PENALTY!

    They could not have telegraphed that screen anymore and they STILL got a large gain.

    This is ridiculous.

    Carson Wentz jogs in for a keeper. That was pathetic defense.

    Once again, the defense is totally incompetent in defending the read option.

    It’s hard to describe the 49ers defense as incompetent in anything, even when it’s been hurt, but they have just struggled to cover QBs holding the ball.

    Two-point conversion (I don’t know why they did it, but they did) successful.

    I’m sorry, but I am still so incensed at how we haven’t learned a thing about defending the read option.

    They only played Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, Russell Wilson and Kyler Murray a combined SEVEN times since the beginning of last season.

    At least you can always depend on Kittle.

  • Welcome back, Deebo Samuel.
  • Does the United States need a hurdles athlete for the Olympics by any chance?

    What a touchdown!

    Well the new long snapper passes the first test.

    End of the first quarter and the Eagles have an 8-7 lead.

    What a weird score.

    OK offense, time to go to work.

    Kittle is simply a ridiculous human being.

    Where the hell was the blocking there?

    Ugh, the 49ers look so sharp sometimes and so stagnant at other times.

    Just once, I would like to defense a damn read option.

    Jalen Hurts sighting, but I still don’t know why they drafted him.

    Finally the Eagles commit a penalty.

    Great pressure by the SF 49ers! And they force a punt.

    Can the offense finally get going?

    Wow, a nice and nifty screen to Deebo there.

    Ugh, running the ball simply is not working.

    Mullens goes deeeeeeeeeeep to Kittle!

    Wow, that was a simply awful throw.

    Just take the sack.

    That ball was not even close to a 49ers player. Nobody had a play on that, I don’t think I’ve seen a decision that was any worse by Mullens.

    49ers should have at the very least gone in front via a field goal, but now has to defend.

    This game feels as cursed as the Arizona opener.

    Eagles driving down the field as the two-minute warning hits.

    I feel pretty annoyed about this, I’m not going to lie.

    The penalties, the sometimes poor defense, the offense sputtering and the frequent scrambles going unchecked.

    It’s aggravating.

    And why is there no Jeff Wilson or JaMycal Hasty? Jerick McKinnon had to play the whole half.

    Errant snap! Eagles recover but WELL back.

    49ers needed some luck.

    D.J. Jones! The first sack of the game for San Francisco and they should hopefully get one more crack this half.

    Nobody is interested in playing out the half, so that’ll end a frustrating half of football.

    SF 49ers receive the ball to start the half and they have started relatively well here.

    Give us JaMycal Hasty dammit!

    OK…keep Jerick McKinnon dammit!

    Jeff Wilson sighting!

    This has been a pretty good drive to open the half, it must be said.

    Wilson with a nice extended run of work here.



    14-8 to the 49ers and the team is in front!

    Can the defense start as well?

    Ugh, a little screen pass gives the Eagles a lot of yards there.


    It might be short, but it’s going to be a yard away at absolute worst.

    The tackling has been seriously horrendous by the team.

    Big 4th down coming up.

    That’s the most elaborate QB sneak I’ve seen. Definitely smart.

    The defense seems totally incapable of stopping the endless bootlegs and screens. The Eagles are barely even testing the secondary.

    Ohhh nearly intercepted, but more importantly, the team managed to stop a touchdown.

    14-11 to the 49ers.

    That was important, the defense bent but it didn’t break. A two-possession lead would be huge here for the 49ers.

    Can the SF 49ers get another touchdown?

    I am all behind this offensive gameplan of ‘Just give it to Kittle and get out of the way’.

    That’ll end the third quarter and this game has a chance of finally being broken open.

    The game was not broken open, thanks to a 12-yard sack.


    Defense needs to make a stand here.

    Oh right, every 49ers game needs an injury. I forgot.

    Hopefully not too serious for K’Waun Williams.

    Well…not a bad first play for Jamar Taylor.

    The 49ers need seven points, and they need it badly.

    This is officially a trap game.

    Mullens has been horrible, and there’s no other way to say it.

    Throw it to Kittle, screen it to Aiyuk, reverse to Deebo.

    ANYTHING to give it to your best players.

    The defense holds up, this has been exceptional considering their outs.

    Ugh, fourth-down conversion for the Eagles.

    They’re going to tie if nothing else it looks like.

    HUGE defensive play.

    And then they fail to grab Carson Wentz when scrambling for his life.

    And now there are flags. Ugh.

    The defense has made great plays and then bailed the Eagles out with awful penalties.

    Oh thank goodness, another dropped snap.

    Eagles touchdown. Perfectly thrown ball.

    49ers played with fire and got burned. They asked the defense to bail them out once too often.

    I feel horribly dejected, I don’t think Mullens has it in him.

  • And now I know Mullens doesn’t have it in him.
  • That is simply an incompetent pass.

    25-14 to the Eagles, and it will take a miracle now.

    Holy crap, Nick Mullens got benched.

    C.J. Beathard time!

    Three completions from three attempts…

    Now four…

    Now five…

    Beathard looks… competent.

    Is it worth considering a field goal now to put it to one possession?


    There’s a pulse!

    Damn, the knee is down just before it gets there.


    What the hell was Robbie Gould trying to do?

    I guess whatever happened, it worked in the sense it didn’t use up the two-minute warning.

    Well, the 49ers will get one chance to steal this game.

    Well, one chance here to get it done.

    The 49ers are going to have one chance at a Hail Mary here.

    All or nothing on this play.

    No good.

    dark. Next. SF 49ers need Jimmy Garoppolo back after Nick Mullens loses vs. Eagles

    What a disappointing loss.

    That’ll do it from me today, as the 49ers desperately need a rebound.