How SF 49ers shook up their defense in Week 2 vs. Jets

K'Waun Williams #24 of the San Francisco 49ers. (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)
K'Waun Williams #24 of the San Francisco 49ers. (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images) /
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Sam Darnold, SF 49ers, NY Jets
Sam Darnold #14 of the New York Jets against the San Francisco 49ers (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images) /

The SF 49ers defense we get to know this season will be different but will blitz and be a lot of fun

Robert Saleh showed an understanding of pass protections and how to create havoc and speed up the quarterback’s internal clock.

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In this case, on 3rd-and-10 on the Jets 33-yard line.

Saleh again put seven defensive players on the line of scrimmage. Fred Warner yet again got the attention of the center, causing the center to not block anyone, which caused Jimmie Ward to have a free run at the quarterback off the edge, again.

The SF 49ers blitzed six, the Jets had six in pass protection, yet Warner again showed blitz, took a few steps forward after the snap before dropping back into pass coverage.

The Jets tackles and guards were occupied by the Niners defensive linemen with the running back picking up Kwon Alexander, again.

This left the center not blocking anyone and Ward not being blocked by anyone, again.

Even though San Francisco didn’t get a sack and the Jets converted some of these third downs, it is a promising sign Saleh has already adapted to the loss of Nick Bosa.

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All is not lost, the SF 49ers can and will get to the Super Bowl again.