82 thoughts during SF 49ers costly win against NY Jets

Jordan Reed, San Francisco 49ers (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)
Jordan Reed, San Francisco 49ers (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images) /

Niner Noise’s resident Australian breaks down Week 2 for the SF 49ers

  • Good morning everyone, it’s time for some more SF 49ers football!
  • I say morning because I join you at 2:30 a.m. local time to watch this game.

    After the disappointment last weekend, I cannot be held legally accountable for anything I might write if I get up this early to see us lose to the New York Jets.

    Unfortunately, all the outs today for the team puts us at risk of doing exactly that.

    And here we go, SF 49ers will start with the ball.



    Let’s see how if the defense can match that dream start.

    Third-down conversion by the Jets, I don’t want to see us struggle to do the same again this week.

    Good defensive start, can the SF 49ers make it a two-possession game early like last week?

    This first play had better be a toss right play to Raheem Mostert. Just saying.

    Ohhh that looked bad.

  • Jimmy Garoppolo jogging off the field, but it looked like he had a non-contact injury on his bad knee.
  • The last statement made me look foolish, as the injury seems to be the ankle on his other leg.

    Sam Darnold should not be breaking tackles. Ugh.

  • Now Nick Bosa looks hurt. The SF 49ers have never been a durable unit, and that just kills me a little inside.
  • And he’s being carted off. Oh goodness.

    I’m done with this season already.

    Now Solomon Thomas on the ground.

    This cannot possibly be a normal run of injuries. This feels like a witch cursed the SF 49ers.

    How long until we can’t field enough players and we have to forfeit?

    Can I go back to bed now? Maybe this will all be a bad dream.

    Big Arik Armstead sack, and at least the 49ers stop the Jets.


    Ugh, this game sucks.

    Good catch by Tevin Coleman!

    Brandon Aiyuk’s first catch!

    It’s not too bad for the 49ers on the field, but the injuries and the flag have killed enthusiasm for this game.

    Good drive for the 49ers so far but Garoppolo is favoring his ankle.

    Touchdown to Jordan Reed!

    I just watched an ad that had John Cena riding a purple cow. That befuddles my tired, Australian brain.

    The Jets are driving down the field. The defense hasn’t been awful, just quick passing.

    Big fourth down coming up!


    Big play by the defense!

    Garoppolo is clearly hurt but he is hanging in there. It’s quite inspirational actually.

    Now the Jets are getting hurt, you don’t want to see that happening.

    The Jets get called for a late hit om Garoppolo, who’s getting pummeled right now.

    Jordan Reed looks unstoppable! His second touchdown today!

    Will Garoppolo play on? Or will it be Nick Mullens time?

    Defense shows up to start the second half and now it’s the NICK MULLENS SHOW!

    Ugh, the Mullens show starts with a flag then a sack.

    And another flag, the timing is off right now.


    Drive stalls, but that McKinnon run was a highlight.

    Oh and Mostert is out for the game. More injuries are also a highlight it seems.

    Robbie Gould converts and it’s 24-3.

    Use a teammate for those moments where a kicking tee won’t do.

    Just don’t kick his hand off, we have enough injuries as it is.

    Armstead deflects the ball and juuuuust couldn’t get the pick there on third down.

    Ugh, Mullens interception.

    To be fair, it looked like McKinnon dropped a regulation throw.

    Well to be fair to McKinnon, it was slightly high and behind him.

    Now Kerry Hyder is injured. I’d say unbelievable, but I can definitely believe a 49ers injury right now.

    Great pass defense on third down keep the Jets to just three points.

    Time for Mullens to dust himself off and get back in it.

    Unfortunately, the team is more liable to stall. Defense needs to shoulder the load for the rest of the game.

    Fortunately, the Jets are not the best team in the NFL. The focus for this last quarter should be to get the win and then get the hell out of that cursed stadium.

    Oh wait, we have the Giants next? Dammit.

    Great defensive pressure, the team has been very unlucky.

    One sack and no turnovers don’t accurately reflect how good they’ve been, especially with two starters out during the game.

    Ugh, do they have to show the Super Bowl loss?

    This game, despite being up 24-6, has been painful enough as it is.

    McKinnon into the end zone, and that’ll put the cherry on top of a painful but at the very least successful game for San Francisco.

    Dre Greenlaw is hurt, I cannot take much more of this.

    This game is a f***ing curse job I swear. How many f***king injuries can there be in a f***ing game!?

    I mean seriously!?

    Some amazing defense and pressure on that drive, fourth down is unsuccessful again for the Jets and a lot of credit needs to go to Robert Saleh.

    Honestly, he coached a bad game versus Arizona. But his adjustment today with so many defenders out has been amazing.

    The SF 49ers are just trying to drain the clock as much as possible now.

    Fine by me, try not to have any more injuries and that’ll be another win in of itself.

    The Jets seem just as interested in ending this as the 49ers.

    Why did they even let that dropped pass play out? It was clearly forward and it just creates a situation where someone else gets hurt.

    Javon Kinlaw practically got dragged by the neck and no holding call.

    I would be angrier about it, but there’s no point at this stage.

    Jets get a junk-time touchdown, but nobody cares at this point.

    The game slowly ticks down, and I struggle to think of a time when I ever felt so down after a loss.

    We can only hope none of the injuries will cost someone their season.

    Still, at least they got a dominating victory out of it, albeit against one of the worst teams in the NFL.

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    But sometimes, you just need to have a rebound game.

    That’ll do it for me, as the 49ers will be back in New York next week to face the Giants.

    Presumably, with half the practice squad suiting up.