Niner Noise Podcast: SF 49ers final 53-Man roster projection perfection?

Niner Noise Podcast: SF 49ers 2020 final 53-Man roster projection perfection?

In this edition of the Niner Noise Podcast on the 49ers, brought to you by the FanSided Podcast Network, your hosts Robert Morrison and Chris Wilson break down Robert’s final of many SF 49ers final 53-man roster prediction articles.

How close did Robert come to Week 1 roster projection perfection? Very close, but you’ll want to listen to the pod for all the details, as well as Chris’ predictions!

Check out today’s pod, and then Robert’s article here at Niner Noise for additional thoughts and information on each of his selections. Finally, head over to for all of the latest San Francisco 49ers Week 1 roster and practice squad news and analysis.

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