49ers: Who should star as the team of the 1980s in a movie

Eric Roberts (Photo by John Wolfsohn/Getty Images)
Eric Roberts (Photo by John Wolfsohn/Getty Images) /
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Michael B. Jordan
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Which currents actors would be fit to star in a biopic about the 49ers teams of the 1980s?

The San Francisco 49ers need a documentary biopic about their success in the 1980s.

Much talk has been made recently about The Last Dance documentary put out by ESPN on Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. That documentary in addition to the rest of their 30 for 30 series resonates well with fans.

In a time where there are no sports on television, sports documentaries seem to be the rage. They somewhat fill the void of sports while also addressing a certain nostalgia fans feel about a certain era. However as good as a well-done documentary is, it’s just not as satisfying as a masterfully done sports biopic.

Of course, a poorly done film can ruin a great story. But a well-produced, well-acted movie can leave the audience believing Will Smith is Muhammad Ali, or Mark Wahlberg is Mickey Ward for a few hours.

There are many great NFL stories that could be told about certain players or teams, but there is one story that most of us (especially if you’re on this site) would be dying to see made.

And that undoubtedly would be the story of how the Niners became the team of the 1980s, forged a dynasty and eventually (in the 1990s) became the first franchise in NFL history to win five Super Bowls.

The question is who would play the key figures from those iconic teams of the 49ers from the 1980s? There are certainly some Hollywood A-listers who could pull off those key roles.

Let’s take a look at some actors that have the chops to do it.