49ers: 4 fictional football players who could help the 2020 team

Denzel Washington Stars In "Remember The Titans." (Photo By Getty Images)
Denzel Washington Stars In "Remember The Titans." (Photo By Getty Images) /
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No. 1: Adding some leg to the 49ers kicking game with Nigel Gruff

Current 49ers kicker Robbie Gould has been an essential part of the team since joining as a free agent back in 2017. But after a decent start to his tenure, Gould has been more up and down than most 49ers fans would like.

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He’s also the second most expensive kicker in the NFL behind the Baltimore Ravens’ Justin Tucker, who has been a much steadier foot for Baltimore throughout his time with the team. And even though the Niners can get out of Gould’s contract as soon as next offseason with little cap hits, it might be time to start thinking of life without the former Bears kicker.

We’ll replace him with Nigel Gruff, the Welsh kicker who made his name for chain-smoking on the field as a member of the Washington Sentinels and kicking 60-plus yard, game-winning field goals.

While Gruff may be just as hot and cold as Gould has been, especially over his last two seasons with the 49ers, the added boom to his leg would help the team immensely. Gould missed all four of his 50-plus yard attempts in 2019, after making all six such attempts in his previous two years.

Gruff’s increased range would also be useful with the extended extra-point rule, as Gould has been up and down in those efforts, missing at least one attempt since the league moved the extra point back in 2015.

There’s no doubt the 49ers’ new kicker would be an interesting character to add to the mix, but with the team already having players like tight end George Kittle and offensive tackle Mike McGlinchey who are fun-loving, quirky guys, there’s little doubt Gruff would find his place on the team.

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And if he’s able to be consistent enough to make the team better, then it won’t matter all that much if he does look like he’s smoking on the field.