5 former 49ers Kyle Shanahan would love to have on 2020 roster

Running back Roger Craig #33 of the San Francisco 49ers (Photo by George Rose/Getty Images)
Running back Roger Craig #33 of the San Francisco 49ers (Photo by George Rose/Getty Images) /
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Kyle Shanahan would love to have these five former 49ers players on his 2020 roster.

Until there’s a time machine invented, San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan will have to make do with the players he has on his current 2020 roster.

Barring those inevitable roster changes, of course.

But what if Shanahan could go back in timed and bring back some Niners legends? Heck, they wouldn’t even have to be legends necessarily, rather players who could be outstanding contributors to what’s already a Super Bowl-caliber roster this season.

Since it’s the offseason and it’ll be quite some time before San Francisco resumes its on-field practices during training camp, why not have some fun and look back at some players from the 49ers’ yesterdays and see who might be worth adding to the 2020 roster.

There are some obvious names, of course. And the Niners aren’t short of any big-name players and Hall of Famers you’d want. Any team would want quarterbacks Joe Montana or Steve Young. Imagine the best of all time, Jerry Rice, lining up opposite wide receiver Deebo Samuel. Or how about safety Ronnie Lott patrolling the secondary? For those older 49ers fans, Hall of Fame offensive and defensive lineman Leo Nomellini would have been an upgrade over anybody up front.

Seriously, Nomellini was that good and joined running back Joe Perry as the first Niners players inducted.

To make this a bit more interesting, though, let’s leave off the Hall of Famers, as those players are understood time-travel wants for San Francisco.

Instead, let’s look at other players who’d be excellent additions to Shanahan’s squad this season, next season or any season.