49ers big board for 2020 NFL Draft: Bowl games edition

Tyler Biadasz, Wisconsin Badgers.(Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)
Tyler Biadasz, Wisconsin Badgers.(Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images) /
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Louisville Cardinals
Mekhi Becton, Louisville Cardinals (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /

Mekhi Becton. 13. player. 849. . Offensive Tackle. Cardinals


  • Massive frame (6-foot-7, 369 pounds) makes him a tough player to get past
  • Reliable blindside blocker
  • Moves a lot quicker than you would expect for someone so big
  • Long arms means he usually will make contact first in blocking battles
  • Does a nice job sustaining blocks in the run game


  • Despite his arms, his hand placement is poor
  • Still raw, is improving but needs further coaching
  • Bulk is an asset, but could stand to trim down bad weight
  • Despite his size, surprisingly has some issues with bull rushers

Mekhi Becton is no doubt an impressive specimen. A big unit in the mold of Cordy Glenn, Becton has shown improvement year after year to go from a completely raw prospect to a probable first rounder in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Becton is simply a very large human being, and it’s a challenge for defenders to get around him. He’s surprisingly athletic and holds his own in open space, so putting him on an island isn’t a liability as you might expect.

His long arms give him a reach advantage over almost anyone, and he’s able to make the first point of contact most times against defenders. If he can get his power and bulk behind it, then it’s game over for anyone unfortunate enough in his path.

Becton is still not completely polished however. He needs further coaching to refine his technique, especially in his hand placement.

Too often, Becton will not position his hands inside enough and allow himself to get knocked back as he doesn’t have the right leverage. This presents a problem against bull rushers, since he can be moved back if they can get inside his hands.

Draft range: First/second round

Raw as he might be, his physical gifts should see him become a first-rounder unless teams are scared off by his bad weight and current raw play. This would be extremely unlikely, however.