49ers big board for 2020 NFL Draft: Bowl games edition

Tyler Biadasz, Wisconsin Badgers.(Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)
Tyler Biadasz, Wisconsin Badgers.(Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images) /
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Alabama Crimson Tide
Henry Ruggs III (#11). Alex Leatherwood (#70), Alabama Crimson Tide (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

Crimson Tide . Alex Leatherwood. 14. player. 829. . Offensive Tackle


  • Good size for a left tackle
  • Great athleticism
  • Has great natural power
  • His first step allows him to take the initiative in blocks
  • Great fit for zone blocking


  • His technique isn’t perfect, needs to work on perfecting his game
  • Has occasional inconsistency issues due to his technique problems
  • Slightly raw

While not a completely finished product, Alex Leatherwood has such an amazing ceiling for the professional ranks that it’s hard not to get a bit excited over his potential.

His biggest asset is his athleticism. He moves so quick and so fluid for someone his size, and his first step allows him to set the tone in blocking battles.

He combines this with his power, which normally makes an imposing combination. There’s little doubt that athletically Leatherwood has all the tools to be a great pro.

Where Leatherwood needs to improve, however, is his technique. He is guilty of being a bit sloppy with both hand placement and trying to rely too much on sheer athleticism over technique.

While not the finished article just yet, the physical tools are much too exciting to ignore.

Draft range: First/second round

If Leatherwood was a bit more refined in his technique, then the 49ers wouldn’t have a chance at picking him without an extremely likely trade into at least the middle of the first round.

However, currently Leatherwood looks to be a late first-round selection with a chance of falling into day two. It has been noted he could yet return to school, which would obviously erase him from further big boards.