Top 5 takeaways from 49ers win vs. Packers in Week 12

Arik Armstead, San Francisco 49ers (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Arik Armstead, San Francisco 49ers (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) /
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49ers, Jimmy Garoppolo
Jimmy Garoppolo, San Francisco 49ers. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) /

No. 4: Jimmy Garoppolo had his best game yet

While it was not perhaps his best game in terms of statistics or drama, quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo played his best game yet.

The one problem Garoppolo has had are those little lapses of judgment, where he would throw a ball he had no business throwing, the kind that make every 49ers fan throw their arms up and wonder, “What on earth was that!?”

We’ve seen a calmer Garoppolo (for the most part) in the last five games or so, and it culminated in a great game for him against Green Bay.

With his best offensive lineman in Joe Staley out, tight end George Kittle hobbled with a bad ankle and wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders hampered with injured ribs, he was clinical and dissected a good defense in a high-pressure game.

With big touchdown throws to rookie receiver Deebo Samuel and Kittle, as well as throwing smartly all night, Garoppolo showed exactly the sort of talent that is why he’s the franchise quarterback of this team.

Garoppolo finished 14-of-20 passing for 253 yards and the aforementioned touchdowns.