San Francisco 49ers: Ranking the 5 best running backs of all time

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The San Francisco 49ers have had some incredible running backs over their storied history. Niner Noise ranks out the five best who have donned the red and gold.

The San Francisco 49ers are most well known for the history of excellent quarterbacking, with the best quarterback in NFL history, bar none, in Joe Montana and the also superb Steve Young, among many others.

However, the 49ers have had excellent players at more than just the “Golden Boy” position.

Running back is one of these.

These are the players who not only put themselves in precarious positions in the midst of 300-pound lineman on a daily basis, but also catch passes out of the backfield, selflessly block for the “Golden Boy” in the backfield and continually grind away.

Ever since the free-agent departure of franchise great Frank Gore, who undoubtedly is one of the best running backs in franchise history, to the Indianapolis Colts in 2015, and with the current Niners trying to figure out which player at this position winds up being the heir apparent to Gore’s legacy, now seems to be a fitting time to address the question: Who are the best running backs in 49ers franchise history?

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