Tom Brady on Brock Purdy: 'I know he's got a chip on his shoulder'

Even Pat McAfee modestly suggested that Brock Purdy was having a Tom Brady-like career trajectory.
Former NFL player Tom Brady
Former NFL player Tom Brady / Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Brady joined The Pat McAfee Show and talked about both Brock Purdy and the 49ers, including some similar pathways to NFL greatness.

Inevitable Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady probably understands a thing or two about the journey that San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy has taken to get to where he is at the NFL level.

While Brady wasn't selected with the final pick in the NFL Draft, instead at No. 199 overall, he does know what it's like to have plenty of detractors and doubters to have accompanied him over the first few years of his career.

Arguably, it took multiple Super Bowl victories and MVP awards to finally silence all those critics en route to Brady being the unquestioned GOAT long before he finally called it a career on the field.

Ironically enough, Purdy's first win as a starting quarterback for the Niners came back in 2022 against Brady's Tampa Bay Buccaneers, so there's that to recall.

Tom Brady tells Pat McAfee that Brock Purdy 'has done a great job'

On Tuesday, Brady joined The Pat McAfee Show to discuss plenty of topics in the two-week lead time up to Super Bowl LVIII between San Francisco, Brady's boyhood team, and the defending-champion Kansas City Chiefs.

McAfee has been more than outspoken about his support of Purdy, and he recently sought out ESPN's Shannon Sharpe to make a very public disagreement with Sharpe's prior takes on the quarterback.

Now, McAfee can rely on Brady's recent comments as further evidence of Purdy's ascent.

"Brock has done a great job with the opportunity," Brady told McAfee. "He got it and he's taken advantage of it. He was a late-round pick, and I know he's got a chip on his shoulder, and he wants to go out there every day and prove that he's the right fit for that team."

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As far as the fit is concerned, Brady felt that Purdy couldn't be in a better spot.

"It's a great organization," Brady continued. "I really respect Kyle [Shanahan]. But Brock has done a hell of a job."

Brady also responded to additional reports, namely from Purdy himself, that Shanahan and the Niners tried luring Brady out of retirement entering 2023, which would have meant that Purdy rode the bench for one more year.

Obviously, Brady turned that down, and Purdy turned into a household name.

Sometimes, things just work out the way they should.

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