3 strengths 49ers currently have over their 2019 Super Bowl team (and 1 weakness)

The last time the 49ers were the No. 1 seed, they rolled through the NFC in 2019 before falling short in the Super Bowl. Here's how this year's team compares to the 2019 49ers.

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Christian Mccaffrey, Brandon Aiyuk, George Kittle, Deebo Samuel, 49ers
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Strength #1: Offensive Skill Position Talent

The 2019 49ers were no joke at running back, wide receiver, and tight end. RB Raheem Mostert, whose electrifying speed has continued to excite in Miami, came on late to carry the 49ers to the Super Bowl. Paired with Tevin Coleman (who seemed to have a personal vendetta against the Carolina Panthers) and Kyle Juszcyzk, the 49ers running game was its staple point .

But, despite how explosive the 49ers running game was in 2019, you would be hard-pressed to consider it better than the one-man show in 2023 led by likely Offensive Player of Year Christian McCaffrey. McCaffrey, who will finish in the top-5 for MVP this year as well, finished with 1459 yards on the ground. and the 49ers finished with 2389 yards as a team. In 2019, no 49ers player crossed 1000 yards individually, and the team finished with 2305 yards total.

But the rushing game is where the 49ers excelled in 2019. In 2023, it could be argued that it is the secondary option to the 49ers passing attack. Without getting into the importance each team's quarterback had on the game (more on that later), the skill positions for the 49ers have greatly improved.

George Kittle had just entered his prime in 2019 as a bona-fide threat, but although age has matured the 49ers stalwart, it has not dimished his ability. On the contrary, the 49ers weaponry has allowed for Kittle to, at times, take a backseat to the offensive display.

Wide receiver is where the 2023 49ers have a leg up. Deebo Samuel was a rookie in 2019, but in 2023, he is a focal point of the offense and a former All-Pro, someone who literally has dragged the 49ers by himself to the NFC Championship game. Opposite him in 2019 was Emmanuel Sanders, the savvy veteran who made the 49ers more professional and skilled at the receiver position when traded for. But, no offense to the veteran Sanders, Brandon Aiyuk's emergence into a 2nd-team All-Pro, and potentially the best route-runner in the NFL, heavily tilts the scales in favor for the 2023 49ers.

The 49ers offense was good in 2019, but in 2023, it is electric. The skill position players on the roster are all at the top of their positions, giving these 49ers a real plethora of options.