5 significant questions for 49ers at quarterback in 2023

Another year, another 49ers quarterback dilemma, and it's not likely one that'll likely be solved as easily as it might seem.
San Francisco 49ers quarterbacks Trey Lance (L) and Sam Darnold (R)
San Francisco 49ers quarterbacks Trey Lance (L) and Sam Darnold (R) / Michael Zagaris/GettyImages
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Significant 49ers question No. 4: What if Trey Lance resurges back in a big way?

There's the polar side of things in terms of evaluating Trey Lance's future, too.

What would happen if Lance absolutely dominated the competition over Sam Darnold during training camp and into the preseason, essentially winning the QB1 role?

Holding that thought for a second, even tight end George Kittle didn't hold back praise for the 2023 version of Lance:

Lance just turned 23 years old, after all, and he's only now finding himself filling into an NFL-type form. And while the previous two years have been frustrating, with some newfound pressure and motivation, Lance could finally live up to all the reasons why the Niners were so enamored with him two years ago.

If Lance wins the job, however, then what? Is Brock Purdy suddenly relegated back to backup status despite what he did a year ago? If Lance is rolling to begin the regular season amid Purdy's recovery, the former can't be benched if Purdy is again healthy by Week 4 or so, right?

And what would be the case for Darnold and his $4.5 million salary for 2023, $3.5 million of which is fully guaranteed?

That's not QB3 money.