Dress like Jerry Rice with this stylish Homage Starter Jacket

We all know 49ers gear is the best part of our wardrobes.
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Let's rewind 30 years, shall we? The internet is just beginning to land in homes everywhere, Friends and Seinfeld are the biggest TV shows, and grunge music is giving way to the larger alternative genre.

Meanwhile, the San Francisco 49ers are still holding onto being a dynasty. Chief among those Niners greats was the one and only Jerry Rice. Rice, who broke into the league in 1985 and helped the Niners secure three Super Bowls during his beyond-legendary career, wasn't just known for his tireless work ethic and on-field performances.

Rice also had swag, and that's something he still keeps up even if he's been out of the league for almost 20 years. Thanks to Homage, 49ers fans can now capture some of that swagger by dressing like he did back in the 1990s.

A 49ers Starter Jacket from Homage will bring out your swagger

Not only did the 49ers boast some legends like Rice over the years, but they've also had some iconic jackets. Sure, any team that's been around a while can say their jackets are the best. But the Niners' color combo of red and gold sets a standard that few other teams can come close to matching.

If you're thinking of a Rice-era throwback, look no further than this San Francisco satin Starter Jacket from Homage.

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These jackets help bring back the glory of the 49ers, and they epitomize Rice's legendary career. Fans can grab these unique pieces of apparel to show off their fandom in Rice-like fashion.

Visit Homage to order yours today. You might not be quite as cool as Jerry, but you'll be a lot closer.