Deebo Samuel won't stop dunking on the Eagles, even at the Super Bowl

It's become the wide receiver's favorite pastime.
San Francisco 49ers, Deebo Samuel
San Francisco 49ers, Deebo Samuel / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

Ever since the 2023 NFC Championship Game ended with a loss, San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel has made it priority number one to make sure he gets revenge on the Philadelphia Eagles.

Samuel has gone on record saying that the game wouldn't have been close had Brock Purdy not gone down with an injury, but it took months in the making for he and the 49ers to back those words up.

During some media time at Super Bowl LVIII, Samuel decided to take yet one more jab at the Eagles when talking about the two teams' rivalry.

“I consider rivalries close games,” Samuel said.

Of course, Samuel is referring to the 42-19 regular season drubbing the 49ers put on the Eagles this past season.

Deebo Samuel can talk his talk with every bit of confidence at this point.

At this stage in the "rivalry," Samuel has every right to talk. In fact, it was that regular season loss that San Francisco gave Philly which started the downward spiral that became the end of the Eagles' season. Philadelphia would lose five of six to end the year, starting with that loss to San Francisco.

And if we all remember correctly, guess who the MVP of that win was?

Oh, yeah. It was Deebo, who racked up 138 yards from scrimmage and three touchdowns.

That win against Philly was also in the midst of San Francisco winning seven of eight games to end the year, before resting some starters in a meaningless Week 18 loss to the Rams.

So, while the 49ers were busy rolling, they also assisted the Eagles in beginning their downfall. Now, Samuel and his Niners sit atop the NFC ready to take the field at Super Bowl LVIII, hopefully just days away from hoisting the Lombardi Trophy.

As for Samuel alluding to the Eagles? It sounds like he's done with that topic for the rest of the week. When asked a follow-up question in regards to Philadelphia, Samuel simply responded by saying:

“We ain’t going to talk about that no more. That’s over with."

Case closed.