5 reasons to be nervous about the 49ers in 2023

If you're both a pessimist and a 49ers fan, this article is for you.
San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel (19)
San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel (19) / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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San Francisco 49ers, Brock Purdy, Sam Darnold, Brandon Allen
San Francisco 49ers quarterbacks Brock Purdy (13), Sam Darnold (14) and Brandon Allen (4) / Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

No. 4: Brock Purdy, Sam Darnold prove to be 'not it' for 49ers

The Niners were so comfortable in quarterback Brock Purdy after his rapid ascent from being the final pick of the 2022 NFL Draft into a rookie phenom late last year that they elected to trade away their highly prized draft asset from the previous season, quarterback Trey Lance, for almost nothing in exchange.

And San Francisco also liked former New York Jets and Carolina Panthers castoff quarterback, Sam Darnold, enough to pull the trigger on the Lance trade, too.

But, what if Kyle Shanahan's quarterbacking analysis is entirely wrong?

Purdy seems like the real deal, yes. However, five regular-season games and three postseason ones aren't enough to compile an adequate body of work to determine this, while Darnold's 55 starts haven't exactly inspired much confidence either.

Brandon Allen, anyone?

If both Purdy and Darnold struggle this season, not only will it wholly ruin the 49ers' 2023 campaign, but it will also forever stain the Lance trade.