4 reasons why 49ers beat Lions in NFC Championship (and 2 reasons why they don't)

The Lions stand between the 49ers and a shot at a record-equaling sixth Super Bowl. But how do the two teams stack up and how can the Niners win?
San Francisco 49ers v Detroit Lions
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Why the 49ers win: Big matchup advantage when it comes to passing offense

The 49ers have their weakness when it comes to run defense. With the Lions, however, it's the opposite side of the coin, with their passing defense being held to the microscope in this game.

Similar to San Francisco, the part of the Lions defense that comes under the most scrutiny is the secondary. They've been susceptible to passing attacks, which the Niners are primed to target with their array of offensive weapons.

The run defense for Detroit is exceptional, ranked atop the entire NFL. With this in mind, combined with the game-breaking ability of running back Christian McCaffrey, this creates an interesting dynamic for how both the 49ers and Lions fare:

There have been certain elements of the media that have used the relatively poor performance of quarterback Brock Purdy as "proof" that he's not the quarterback to lead San Francisco to glory not seen in nearly three decades, but he has a good chance to have a rebound performance this week even if wide receiver Deebo Samuel doesn't play.

If Deebo does play and all hands are on deck, then the 49ers should be able to exploit the Lions and their deficiencies in pass defense.