Ranking the 49ers' last 10 first-round draft picks from worst to best

A ranking of the last 10 San Francisco 49ers' first-round draft selections from worst to best.
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Mike Mcglinchey
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No. 5: OL Mike McGlinchey (2018)

The 49ers drafted offensive lineman Mike McGlinchey in 2018 out of Notre Dame with the ninth overall pick. McGlinchey was a fairly solid contributor, although he may not have reached the expectations many fans had for him.

He played for five seasons with the Niners and was pretty consistently in the lineup. However, he left the team in free agency last offseason and signed a big contract with the Denver Broncos. While the Niners would have liked to keep him probably, it seems that they did not want to match the five-year $87.5 million offer the Broncos gave.

McGlinchey ended up being a better selection than Joshua Garnett as they at least got decent value for him for five seasons. He cannot be called a bust by any means, but he did not end up being Joe Staley 2.0 as some fans may have hoped.

The next pick was a great 49er but was traded in one of the most controversial moves of the current regime.