Prospects way too good for 49ers to pass up at No. 31 (who aren't tackles)

An offensive tackle has been a very common position mocked to the 49ers at No. 31 in the draft, but what are some other prospects that might slide that should be under consideration?
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Jackson Powers-Johnson
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Is it cheating if I use an interior lineman as one of the five? It is? Well, perks of being the one writing the list I suppose.

But in all seriousness, Jackson Powers-Johnson is seen as the consenus best lineman in the draft who can be seen strictly as an interior prospect. He's not among the absolute elite prospects we've seen at the position, however, which leaves him in a bit of flux.

The Niners could use an immediate upgrade at right guard while looking for a center for the long term. He's a good size at 6-foot-3 and 328 pounds, excelling as a run and pass blocker both. He also possesses the additional value of being a good fit for the 49ers' zone-blocking scheme.

Powers-Johnson can best be described as a better football player than an athlete. He isn't especially agile or a monster size, but he's perfectly strong and very intelligent in what he does. He looks a safe pick to be a good NFL starter for the next decade.

And at No. 31? There are worse prospects who could be picked.