4 potential trade packages for 49ers wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk

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Quarterback Kirk Cousins has officially moved on from the Minnesota Vikings organization.

After six disappointing seasons, he’s decided that his best opportunity at a championship lies in the hands of head coach Raheem Morris and the Atlanta Falcons.

That leaves former 49ers backup quarterback, Sam Darnold, left to hold down the fort. Bearing that in mind, one would have to assume one thing: On draft day, the Vikings will probably be selecting a quarterback. Most likely, with the 11th overall pick.

But what will be with their second first-rounder? Do they spend it on a wide receiver?

And if they do, how efficient would a rookie quarterback/receiver duo perform on a team that needs a full rebuild?

Instead of rolling the dice on an all rookie air strike, why not package that pick and send it to the 49ers for Brandon Aiyuk?

Surely Aiyuk can help in the development of their new franchise quarterback. At the very least, it’s a proven veteran who can provide on day one and a No. 1 that can push anyone in the league in man-to-man coverage.

It’s also an opportunity for their rookie quarterback to find chemistry with the offense early on. Besides, let’s face it, if you can’t find chemistry on the field with BA and Justin Jefferson, the NFL probably isn’t for you. 

It would also provide a much-needed confidence boost that could help ease his transition to the pro level. Mix that with the right scheme and the Vikings will find themselves in a beautiful situation for many years to come.