What exactly did Nick Bosa say to Baker Mayfield amid 49ers beating Bucs?

Nick Bosa told reporters what he said to Buccaneers quarterback Baker Mayfield, someone with whom the All-Pro edge has a notable personal rivalry.
San Francisco 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa (97)
San Francisco 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa (97) / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

48. Final. 27. 42. 49ers-Bucs final score. 14

During the 49ers win over the Buccaneers, the TV broadcast showed a brief chat between two rivals, Nick Bosa and Baker Mayfield.

One of the prime storylines leading into the San Francisco 49ers' Week 11 home game against the visiting Tampa Bay Buccaneers was just how the interactions would be between All-Pro defensive end Nick Bosa and his longtime personal rival, Bucs quarterback Baker Mayfield.

After all, who could forget the famous/infamous (depending on what side you're on) flag-planting celebrations that stem from their days against each other at Ohio State and Oklahoma, respectively?

The collegiate stuff spilled over into Bosa's rookie year in 2019, and it was pretty clear that Mayfield was a heightened subject of interest for the Niners' top pass-rusher.

On Sunday, the two players met for the third time at the NFL level.

Except, leading into the game, Bosa told reporters there was no "beef" between him and Mayfield, and the reigning Defensive Player of the Year even referred to the signal caller as "nice."

Judging by one interaction on the field between the two during San Francisco's 27-14 win over the Bucs on Sunday, perhaps the duo is a bit more friendly.

But what did Bosa say to Mayfield?

Nick Bosa reveals what he said to Baker Mayfield

There was a pretty fun two-play series that involved Mayfield and Bosa, the first of which saw the quarterback engage in a pretty nifty block on the edge rusher.

After the play, which sprung Tampa Bay a first down, Mayfield raised his arms in celebration and probably not just because the Buccaneers moved the chains.

"That was not him," Bosa said of Mayfield on that play. "That was the speed of [Buccaneers wide receiver Trey Palmer]. But I let him have that."

Only a handful of plays later, Bosa brought down Mayfield for what would have been a sack, except linebacker Fred Warner knocked the ball out of the quarterback's hands for a 49ers defensive takeaway.

Shortly after that, both Bosa and Mayfield were observed by the Fox TV broadcast engaging in some sort of "friendly" conversation, so to speak:

There didn't seem to be too much animosity, and perhaps Bosa was trying to make some sort of friendly conversation.

After the game, fans found out what the conversation was all about.

"He was bitching to the ref, and I told him there's no horse collar in the pocket," Bosa remarked of the conversation. "He thought he got roughed."

It's awfully nice of Bosa to remind Mayfield of the rules. Perhaps that's where the personal rivalry between the two competitors now finds itself.

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