Longtime quarterback calls out Brock Purdy slander as 'B.S.'

Looks like Matt Hasselbeck is joining the ranks of those who fully endorse Brock Purdy as a legitimate and talented quarterback.
ESPN analyst Matt Hasselbeck
ESPN analyst Matt Hasselbeck / Jennifer Stewart/GettyImages

Matt Hasselbeck, a well-traveled quarterback and analyst, isn't having any of the criticism surrounding Brock Purdy.

It might take a few years and a few different contexts before the overwhelming majority of pundits and analysts fully give the due respect to San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy.

Despite setting numerous records in his first full year as a starter in 2023, while also leading the league in a number of significant categories including passer rating (113.0) and yards per attempt (9.6), the final pick of the 2022 NFL Draft still carries the stigma of being, well... carried by his team.

Sure, an All-Pro supporting cast and a quarterback-friendly offense under head coach Kyle Shanahan help.

This, despite being in the final running for NFL MVP last season.

But that shouldn't completely derail the argument that Purdy has worked his way up to the upper echelons of current quarterbacking play.

And he's got a bona fide fan in one former well-established quarterback who isn't buying the Purdy slander.

Matt Hasselbeck on Brock Purdy critique: It's 'B.S.'

Speaking from the annual Tight End University with NBC Sports Bay Area's Jennifer Lee Chan, former starting quarterback Matt Hasselbeck, who spent 17 years in the league and was a three-time Pro Bowler, offered up his take on Purdy and countered the frequent criticism the former Iowa State signal-caller continues to receive.

Hasselbeck said:

"Brock Purdy is a baller. People say, ‘Oh he doesn’t have ‘wow’ throws.’ B.S. Turn the tape on. That guy has ‘wow’ throws. He’s a great quarterback. I know he might not win a combine competition or whatever, but he would win a quarterback competition in my mind. I think he’s a great player."

The longtime Seattle Seahawks quarterback, who spent time with ESPN as an analyst until 2023, understood that while Purdy's numbers can be inflated by having an all-star level of talent surrounding him, the immediate decision-making process ultimately sets Purdy apart.

Hasselbeck added:

"I think a lot of it is decision-making in a split second. It’s also making the throw at the moment of truth. ...

[Purdy] seized the opportunity, took advantage of it, and he made those big time throws in a split second when they needed them to be made. A lot of guys out there are like, ‘Oh I could have done that.’ Yeah, but you didn’t when the opportunity arose. He took advantage of it, and I don’t think they’ll ever look back."

It seems as if Purdy will continue to receive criticisms regardless of others like Hasselbeck coming to his support.

Perhaps those simply can't get over the fact Purdy was a seventh-round draft choice, the final one selected in his class. Or they feel that any decent quarterback can thrive in that kind of context, even though plenty of other Niners signal-callers have failed to do so despite similar circumstances.

Either way, Hasselbeck isn't buying the Purdy slander.

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