These less-known 49ers are primed for massive contributions in NFL playoffs

You know the big names on the Niners roster, but look for these three underrated players to show up big this postseason.
San Francisco 49ers running back Elijah Mitchell (25)
San Francisco 49ers running back Elijah Mitchell (25) / G Fiume/GettyImages
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DT Javon Kinlaw

Another player who is flying under the radar a little bit is four-year pro defensive tackle Javon Kinlaw.

He doesn't have the eye-popping numbers that'll turn many heads, but he does play with a certain tenacity when pressuring opposing quarterbacks.

He appeared in 17 games this season while making a start in six matches, and this is such a significant stat for Kinlaw since he's been unable to stay healthy during his pro career. Over the previous two years, knee injuries kept Kinlaw from appearing in all but 10 regular-season games combined.

The front seven has been the focal point for San Francisco since 2017, and when the D-line is loaded with talent such as the 49ers currently have, then players must perform when their number is called.

In 2023, Kinlaw seems to have taken a huge step in revitalizing his career. Whether that's in San Francisco or elsewhere long term, Kinlaw seems to be determined to leave a lasting impression.

Or, better yet, put it on tape for future reference.

In any event, one should look forward to Kinlaw's continued ascension while making huge contributions during the playoffs.