Kyle Shanahan reveals what Nick Sirianni said to him after 49ers-Eagles scuffle

San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan (R) greets Philadelphia Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni (L)
San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan (R) greets Philadelphia Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni (L) / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

42. 42. Final. 19. 54. 49ers Eagles final score

There was no shortage of emotions during the 49ers and Eagles game, although Nick Sirianni and Kyle Shanahan tried keeping cooler heads.

Tempers flaring during Week 13's high-intensity showdown between two NFC contenders, the San Francisco 49ers and Philadelphia Eagles, was going to be inevitable.

Eventually, after what happened in the NFC Championship game last January and in the wake of the smack talk thereafter, things were going to boil over when these same two teams met at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday afternoon.

The Niners ultimately won big, pulling off a 42-19 victory to move within a game of Philly for the top NFC seed. Yet a string of incidents in the third quarter reminded fans and analysts alike that there's no love lost between these two teams.

And it might have been up to the two head coaches, San Francisco's Kyle Shanahan and Philadelphia's Nick Sirianni, to find some equilibrium for it all.

What happened was this: 49ers linebacker Dre Greenlaw suplexed Eagles wide receiver DeVonta Smith near the sideline, which drew a 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalty and some serious heat from Philly's sideline.

When Greenlaw engaged with Eagles security lead Dom DiSandro, both jabbing at each other, it was inevitable for the Niners backer to be ejected from the game, which he was.

Yet DiSandro isn't a coach or a player, and he shouldn't have that kind of access (or influence) on another team's player either, which led to his own ejection from the game.

However, DiSandro being in that kind of position might be a bigger issue the NFL needs to tackle, as teams would likely trade a non-coach or non-player for another team's star player in a two-way ejection every time.

Shanahan and Sirianni weren't having it, though.

Nick Sirianni speaks to Kyle Shanahan about 49ers-Eagles fight

During his postgame presser, Shanahan told reporters about how furious he was about the incident.

"I can't believe how someone not involved in a football game could taunt our players like that and put their hands in our guy's face," Shanahan said of DiSandro. "From what I'm told, Dre did it back to him. I was told he kind of mashed him in the face a little bit, so he got ejected.

"It was a very frustrating play. I've got to watch it [on film] to have a true opinion on it, but I loved how we rallied after."

Despite the Eagles scoring a touchdown on that possession, wide receiver Deebo Samuel and the 49ers offense responded back with an impressive touchdown of their own to steal back whatever momentum was lost, and the rest of the game effectively remained in the Niners' favor.

Immediately after the game's conclusion, Shanahan met midfield with Sirianni and engaged in a conversation that couldn't be heard by Fox Sports' cameras.

Given Sirianni's outgoing personality, though, whatever comments were going to be of interest.

According to Shanahan, however, Sirianni felt similarly to Shanahan for what happened.

"He was awesome," Shanahan said of Sirianni, who previously expressed his own respect for Shanahan, too. "He wasn't a fan of what had happened on the play either, and he handled it with total class."

Perhaps not the kind of words many fans would associate with Sirianni, but it sounds like there was some solid sportsmanship after what was a not-so-pretty incident involving both sides.

Regardless, Shanahan and the Niners have to feel a bit better in the wake of the trash talk by being on the right side of the win column.

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