John Lynch 'believes in bloodlines,' so will the 49ers draft a legacy player?

John Lynch was very candid about how he feels about legacies in the NFL Draft, is that a sign that a familiar pedigree might be on the field for the 49ers in 2024?
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Frank Gore Jr. Luke McCaffrey. Terique Owens. Brendan Rice. Four very familiar last names to 49ers fans, a general manager who admits he loves legacies in the NFL. Could this be a tip that one or more might be drafted this week?

The San Francisco 49ers will be picking the first round for the first time since 2021 this Thursday (pending a trade-down that would no doubt frustrate fans), but there's been some intrigue with some prospects that will be taken much later in the draft.

Some very familiar names will be in the draft this year with some Niner legacies in the draft pool. Southern Miss running back Frank Gore Jr., Rice wide receiver Luke McCaffrey, Missouri State wide receiver Terique Owens and USC wide receiver Brenden Rice are all in the running to be picked.

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General manager John Lynch was asked specifically about how he feels about legacies in the NFL, and his response is worth noting for future reference this weekend:

"Well, I believe in bloodlines, I really do. I mean, I think there’s evidence that you should. Then you have to step away from that and you have to evaluate it. And that’s sometimes difficult to do and that’s why a lot of different eyes, a lot of different perspectives. And that’s what we try to do when we have our R&D look at it, we have our coaches look at it, we have our scouting look at it, we try to hit it from a variety of measuring points and inflection points as to how you grade these guys because you don’t want to do it just off that. That wouldn’t be smart.

But, these guys, there’s some inherent pressure on who their dad is, but there’s also some good genes and I think that matters. And so, it’s exciting that you have all these great, I mean, we’re talking Hall of Fame players and great players and brothers of players and it’s really fun. T.O. was out here at the local pro day and his son Terique performed really well and that was pretty cool. I saw him running at me and I played against T.O. a lot and there was something in that stride that was very familiar. It was something about the gait. And it’s crazy how those things translate. Is that just gene pool? Is that modeling the way they watch their dad run? It’s interesting to me but it’s a fun element to this year’s draft that I think is going to be interesting to watch to see how it unfolds."

John Lynch

With Lynch a big fan of bloodlines and these four intriguing links to the 49ers in the draft, anything is possible.

It wouldn't cost the 49ers much draft capital either. Rice is looking like a third-round pick, McCaffrey will probably get taken on Day 3 of the draft and it's a coinflip whether or not Owens and Gore Jr. get drafted. If the 49ers like the latter two, they wouldn't be more than a late Day 3 selection.

And if you're getting guys like these late on Day 2 or on Day 3, it's not the end of the world if they don't work out.

For what's worth, the Niners met with three of these four kids at the NFL Combine, with the fourth (Owens) working out with the team watching. The interest is there.

Just something interesting to keep in mind, a worthy storyline for later on in the NFL Draft.

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