Jauan Jennings trash-talks Seahawks defenders who couldn't tackle him

If the Seahawks don't like hearing it from Jauan Jennings, perhaps they simply should have tackled him instead.

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Jauan Jennings (15)
San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Jauan Jennings (15) / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

31. 42. Final. 13. 36. 49ers Seahawks score

Jauan Jennings picking up a first down when it seemed impossible prompted the receiver to talk a little well-deserve smack in the Seahawks' direction.

Winning teams, especially during primetime games, typically have two or three "did you just see what I saw?" kind of plays that help define the victory.

The San Francisco 49ers had quite a few of those during their 31-13 Thanksgiving Day victory over the Seattle Seahawks on Thursday Night Football. While most of those were of the "impressive, but I've seen that before" variety, one play has to stand out as exceptionally impressive.

Check out the share from The Athletic's Matt Barrows:

Yes, that's wide receiver Jauan Jennings on a 3rd-and-7 play in the process of being tackled by three Hawks defenders about 4 yards short of the sticks.

And yet he made it for a first down. Let's check out the play in real time:

While not quite as magical as tight end George Kittle dragging three New Orleans Saints defenders to set up a game-winning field goal in the final minutes of a bout back in 2019, Jennings' physicality and determination were nevertheless vital in ensuring San Francisco kept the momentum in its favor.

And that momentum was unending during the first half.

Jauan Jennings follows up Seahawks' failure with worthy trash-talk

That's normally a third-down stop most NFL defenses would easily make. While Jennings has an uncanny ability for moving the chains on third downs, this was quite the play.

And it's one those that Seattle would probably like to have back.

Jennings won't soon let the Seahawks defenders forget about it either, taking to Instagram to mock those who tried to bring him down short of the first-down marker (h/t OurSF49ers):

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"Pay them folks that much money to be missing tackles," Jennings posted, followed by the #makingmillionsmiss hashtag.

That hashtag has to be a thing now in the Niners-Hawks rivalry, right?

That was the lone catch Jennings had on the night, although he was targeted on a deep pass from quarterback Brock Purdy that sailed over his head in the end zone.

Still, Jennings' determination to get the first down when all seemed lost is pretty special.

And his trash-talk afterward is pretty special, too.

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