3 game-changing Canadians 49ers should select in 2024 NFL Draft

The 2024 NFL Draft is just days away and once again there are some Canadians to keep your eyes on.
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No. 2: Offensive lineman Anim Dankwah

The 49ers could build the tallest offensive line in history if they take Manu and fellow Canadian prospect Anim Dankwah.

In a scouting report from 3DownNation, Dankwah decided to do position drills during his NFL Combine. This means we don't have many numbers to compare him to, but he did post a 27.5-inch vertical.

Teams in the Canadian Football League tend to build their offences around Canadian O-linemen. It's mainly a ratio strategy as there must be a certain number of Canadians on the field at all times, but it's also beneficial. Teams who win the Grey Cup often have three to five national players on the O-line.

Dankwah was ranked eighth on the CFL Scouting Bureau, putting him in the first round of the CFL Draft.

The Brampton, Ontario product, has quick feet for his size. Potentially better than Manu, which would benefit him against some of the quicker defensive linemen.

Dankwah is expected to be picked on Day 3 and hopefully, it's to San Francisco.