Keep an eye on these 49ers players for Week 2 vs. Rams

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy
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Colton McKivitz
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Storyline No. 4: Can Colton McKivitz produce a better game at right tackle in Week 2?

One of the few down points in Week 1 was the performance of Colton McKivitz at right tackle, as feared Pittsburgh Steelers EDGE T.J. Watt terrorized him on the way to three sacks (the only sacks of the afternoon for the Steelers).

Now in full fairness to McKivitz and the fact he was playing his first meaningful game as a starter, Watt is one of the worst players to have that game against and plenty of more experienced tackles have lowered their colors to Watt.

Fortunately for McKivitz, he has a chance to have a better Week 2 as the Rams don't possess the potent EDGE rushers that might give him some trouble. Experience is the best way to get better, and it won't be nearly as much as a baptism of fire.

49ers fans have reason to be nervous however, as poor blocking was what caused Purdy to injure his elbow in the NFC Championship game (albeit a tight end had that assignment, not a tackle), so strong protection is essential if the team is to get to the Super Bowl. Some blocking help for McKivitz wouldn't go astray either, as he had very little help when it came to playcalling as he was often left in 1v1 situations.

Hopefully for McKivitz, Week 2 goes a lot smoother for the young tackle as he looks to lock down the role for the long term.

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