Deommodore Lenoir claps back at disgruntled former 49ers WR

Willie Snead IV continues to find himself in Niners headlines. Not because of his play on the field, per se, but rather because of comments he makes about his former team.

And it appears as if Deommodore Lenoir is getting tired of it.

San Francisco 49ers cornerback Deommodore Lenoir
San Francisco 49ers cornerback Deommodore Lenoir / Chris Unger/GettyImages

While Willie Snead IV continues to take subtle jabs at the 49ers, Deommodore Lenoir didn't hesitate to call him out.

There's nothing quite like banter and beef between players, especially during the offseason when the days are long and the news cycle can get a bit slow.

With the NFL Draft in the books, not a lot is circling the San Francisco 49ers right now. Sure, fans can wonder if wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk's contract extension will be finalized, and it's always a good idea to predict how the Niners' rookie class will mesh into the roster.

But, when former San Francisco wideout Willie Snead IV is making headlines, one knows there's not a whole heck of a lot going on.

Considering he spent the bulk of his brief time with the 49ers on the practice squad and only managed two receptions for 14 yards before hitting the open market in free agency earlier this offseason, Snead shouldn't be a player commanding a lot of news.

Yet he is.

Snead took parting shots at the Niners, claiming roster spots were determined by "entitlement."

Now, it's not wholly clear just how frustrated Snead was and is with San Francisco, and a series of follow-up tweets on his Twitter/X account centered mostly on the desire to continue his NFL career.

However, one tweet seems to have been one too many for one of the 49ers' current young stars.

Deommodore Lenoir fires back at Willie Snead for apparent 49ers smack-talk

The Niners have a stacked wide receiver room with Aiyuk, Deebo Samuel, Jauan Jennings and now-rookie Ricky Pearsall, meaning the back end of the depth chart was going to be a difficult spot for someone like Snead to carve out a niche role.

It also helps explain why he saw so little of the field the last two seasons.

But Snead kept tweeting, including a remark that cited preference of the NFC North that apparently went too far for San Francisco's nickel cornerback, Deommodore Lenoir, who finally called the receiver out:

"Why u sneak Dissin ? (sic)," Lenoir responded, clearly having reached a point of frustration with the journeyman wideout.

It's not an unfounded clap-back. Sure, Snead can be frustrated with what his role has become in recent years, but what about the 31 other teams that opted not to sign him off the 49ers practice squad?

Where's the frustration there?

If one thing seems clear, it's probable we won't hear the last from Snead anytime soon.

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