Cutting Tyrion Davis-Price makes (most of) 49ers' 2022 NFL Draft class look bad

Most of the 49ers' 2022 NFL Draft class isn't looking too hot right now.

Emphasize the word, "most."

San Francisco 49ers running back Tyrion Davis-Price (32)
San Francisco 49ers running back Tyrion Davis-Price (32) / Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
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Did 49ers wholly fail in the 2022 NFL Draft?

Yes, Brock Purdy's success late his rookie year and throughout 2023 thus far essentially save whatever doubts fans and analysts have about San Francisco's efforts in the 2022 draft.

If a team finds a franchise quarterback but fails to hit with any other picks in a draft class, that class is nevertheless a massive success.

And it's fair to recognize something else about NFL Draft classes, too. Most players are going to fail long before reaching whatever expectations are placed upon them. It's why the average career lifespan of an NFL player is approximately 3.3 years now, right?

The fact that Purdy and the 49ers are a powerhouse Super Bowl contender makes whatever misses like Tyrion Davis-Price in the 2022 irrelevant, especially considering the Niners landed one starter in Spencer Burford, potentially two decent backups in Samuel Womack and Kalia Davis, and a franchise signal-caller in Purdy.

Any other failures hardly matter at that point, and most general managers across the league would be perfectly happy with similar results.

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