CBS Sports predicts winner of 49ers QB competition, Christian McCaffrey trades for Oreos

Forget quarterback competitions. What we all need are some more Oreos.
San Francisco 49ers quarterbacks Brock Purdy (13), Trey Lance (5) and Sam Darnold (14)
San Francisco 49ers quarterbacks Brock Purdy (13), Trey Lance (5) and Sam Darnold (14) / Robert Edwards-USA TODAY Sports

CBS Sports tosses in its prediction for who wins the quarterback battle between Trey Lance, Brock Purdy and Sam Darnold. Plus, Oreos!

Only a couple of months ago, the San Francisco 49ers were going to feature a two-headed quarterback competition between Trey Lance and Sam Darnold (OK, a three-headed one that also looped in journeyman Brandon Allen).

But, as soon as Brock Purdy was cleared to participate in training camp after undergoing offseason elbow surgery, that competition got a lot more interesting.

Head coach Kyle Shanahan has effectively admitted that he wants to see how things play out between the trio (the one involving Purdy, not Allen). And while Shanahan might have his own idea about who will win this competition regardless of what happens during practices, he's not revealing too much.

Aside from this quote from last May:

"Trey was going to go through a lot (last) year, and I believe he would have gotten to a level where he did similar stuff (to Purdy). He missed that (chance). Brock came in and did it. Now, I truly believe Trey can go do that. But Brock's already done it. And that's a very good thing for us to have."

Does Lance even have a chance to reclaim the starting job that was once his entering the 2022 season?

Maybe. Maybe not. But it's something CBS Sports' Jordan Dajani predicted anyway.

CBS Sports predicts Trey Lance loses 49ers QB competition to Brock Purdy

Dajani, who broke down all the NFL's current quarterback battles and predicted the winner for each one, recently, used the aforementioned Shanahan quote to come up with his conclusion.

Purdy wins out. Not Lance. Not Darnold, although the 2018 No. 3 overall pick is a bit of an unknown, Dajani admitted.

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"Darnold is a wild card in this situation," Dajani wrote. "But it's hard not to lean toward Purdy in this quarterback battle unless he has some kind of medical setback."

Judging by Shanahan's earlier comments, it's probably a reasonable prediction.

Christian McCaffrey makes a trade for Oreos

All-Pro running back Christian McCaffrey is quickly becoming a Niners fan favorite even though he's been with the team for less than a full year after last season's blockbuster trade with the Carolina Panthers.

So, it's understandable why McCaffrey would be sought after by fans attending training camp in Santa Clara.

One fan, however, offered up quite the trade that McCaffrey couldn't turn down: Oreo cookies for an autograph:

As the tweet shows, this isn't the first time McCaffrey received snack food in exchange for an autograph.

If that's what it takes, it's a good trade.

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