Brock Purdy didn't silence haters amid 49ers' Super Bowl loss

The young quarterback by no means was horrible in Super Bowl 58, but the Brock Purdy haters will still gun for him anyway.

Super Bowl LVIII - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs
Super Bowl LVIII - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

The 49ers are heartbroken after the overtime loss to the Chiefs in the Super Bowl. Brock Purdy played well, but the hyenas will be circling him nonetheless.

As we San Francisco 49ers fans wallow in our heartbreak in being so agonizingly close to a sixth Lombardi trophy in the 25-22 overtime loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, I feel obligated to preface this article right now so there's no confusion.

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Brock Purdy did not play a bad game. This is not an article blaming him for losing the Super Bowl. Far from it.

Purdy was by no means perfect, but he was very good for his first ever trip to the big dance. Purdy went 23-of-38 passing, 255 yards, a touchdown and no turnovers against a dominant Chiefs defense.

He also orchestrated some very clutch drives to take the lead both late in the fourth quarter and in overtime.

It certainly wasn't his fault that the Chiefs wouldn't go away.

Purdy was by no means perfect. But given the stage, the opponent and the lack of blocking for a good chunk of the game, you'd feel comfortable giving him a B-grade for the contest.

Unfortunately, it's hard to beat the greatest quarterback going right now in Patrick Mahomes in the Super Bowl with anything less than an A-game. Purdy came so close, but it was just short of being good enough.

Brock Purdy needed a Super Bowl win over Patrick Mahomes to silence doubters

And, unfortunately, that's where the misguided Purdy critics will now come swarming in. They'll paint themselves as being right all along, failing to see the difference between "not as good as Mahomes" and "a bad quarterback."

It appears as if some are already doing this:

If you think a quarterback in just his second season, who's received MVP votes because of his efforts and has been amazing since Day 1, is a bad quarterback because he lost to the best quarterback today (in overtime no less), then your standards might be a little too high.

But rest assured, Purdy by no means disgraced himself. He's instead shown himself to be worthy of being a franchise quarterback even in defeat.

Unfortunately, that's not going to stop though who refuse to admit they've been wrong all along.

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