Brandon Aiyuk would love to be traded to one of these 3 teams

If the 49ers ultimately trade Brandon Aiyuk, he would love to join any of these three teams.
NFC Championship - Detroit Lions v San Francisco 49ers
NFC Championship - Detroit Lions v San Francisco 49ers / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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3. Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins already have one of the most high-powered offenses in the NFL. Adding Brandon Aiyuk to that mix would make them seem unstoppable.

They already have Tyreek Hill at wide receiver and Raheem Mostert at running back, who is a former Niner in his own right. Plus, the Dolphins have Mike McDaniel as their head coach, who was once the offensive coordinator for San Francisco.

With teams having to contend with Hill, it would not be surprising to see Aiyuk get wide open, especially since the Dolphins use so much movement and decption at the line of scrimmage just like the 49ers.

The Dolphins also figure to factor into the AFC playoff picture next season as well. They will likely battle with the Buffalo Bills for the AFC East crown yet again.

Needless to say, Aiyuk would also love the great weather and party atmosphere of Miami.

In sum, these would be three great destinations for Aiyukif the Niners trade him. The 49ers should do everything they can to retain him, but from Aiyuk's perspective, these would be three great places to end up.

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