4 bold 49ers predictions for Thursday Night Football showdown vs. Giants

With the 49ers looking to continue their fast start and get to 3-0 against the Giants, Niner Noise goes for some predictions to happen on Thursday Night Football.
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Fred Warner
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Bold 49ers prediction No. 4: Fred Warner will grab an INT on Thursday night

To the shock of nobody who knows a fraction of anything about football, linebacker Fred Warner is having an excellent season and looks like the best linebacker in the game.

Of course, we already know this. This article is about bold predictions, not repeating the obvious. So just saying that Warner will have a good game doesn't apply either.

But let's get bold and predict that Warner will get his hands on the ball on Thursday night. He's almost had a pick this season already against the Steelers, but let the ball through his hands in a play that he would want to have back.

You can't deny greatness forever, though, and we predict this is the game in which Warner undercuts a throw and gets the interception he's been yearning for.

The 49ers defense knows how to get takeaways, and the circumstances are perfect this week for them to feast and get some big plays on the board.

Warner is arguably the leader of the entire roster (and it'd be a short argument at that), and he'll get his reward this week.

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