Bet you didn't know this Steve Young story after he won Super Bowl 29

Red Gatorade...

Super Bowl XXIX - San Francico 49ers quarterback Steve Young (8)
Super Bowl XXIX - San Francico 49ers quarterback Steve Young (8) / Focus On Sport/GettyImages

Steve Young 'got the monkey off his back' in the 49ers' Super Bowl win over the Chargers in 1995, but this less-known story might be just as provocative.

San Francisco 49ers are very much aware of Super Bowl 29, which just so happens to mark the last time the franchise pulled off a victory that resulted in hoisting the Lombardi Trophy.

The Niners' 49-26 victory over the San Diego Chargers (that score makes it seem like a modestly close game... it wasn't) was about as one-sided a victory as could have possibly been. And it was also marked by some record-setting performances, including a six-touchdown game from quarterback Steve Young.

Young, who had been in the shadow of San Francisco's all-time great signal-caller, Joe Montana, finally emerged in his own right after taking over fully at the helm in 1993.

In the waning moments in the game when it was clear the 49ers would win their fifth Super Bowl title, Young was on the sideline and exclaiming, "Get the monkey off my back."

Not only did he remove the monkey, but he also took home a well-deserved Super Bowl MVP award for his efforts.

That's the story everyone knows. But they probably don't know what happened not long thereafter.

Steve Young got violently ill after winning the Super Bowl

On his most recent (and last... because he's retiring) Football Morning in America post, NBC Sports' Peter King broke down a story that, for most Niners fans, certainly has flown under the radar over the decades.

Remember, that year's Super Bowl was played down in Miami. And it happened to be pretty hot and muggy despite the fact it took place on Jan. 29 in the middle of winter.

A very dehydrated Young, who managed to partake in the postgame celebrations and trophy presentations, nevertheless paid the price on the way back to the hotel, vomiting up in the limo after leaving the stadium.

King wrote:

"The man who’d thrown six touchdowns to beat the Chargers earlier in the evening now had Miami-Dade Fire Rescue EMTs on either side of his king bed. Steve Young had saline IVs flowing into both arms after being dehydrated on a muggy Miami night and then throwing up (hastily consumed red Gatorade, mostly) in the limo on the way back to the hotel. This was one of the strangest post-game celebrations in Super Bowl history. Young had maybe 40 family members and friends in the room and spilling out into the hotel hallway, and even the wooziness wasn’t affecting his glee."

It's probably not the way Young envisioned how he'd celebrate.

But, as King described further, Young was nevertheless grateful despite being hooked up to medical equipment that rehydrated him.

“Is this great or what?” Young exclaimed, according to King. “I mean, I haven’t thrown six touchdowns passes in a game in my life. Then I throw six in the Super Bowl!”

Then, as King also described, someone in the crowd said, "Joe, who?," referring to Montana being out of the picture amid Young's ascent.

Young's response was, "No, don't do that!"

It's a pretty interesting tale of Super Bowl victory and one that's not exactly at the forefront of San Francisco lore.

As for King, let's all hope he enjoys his retirement but doesn't completely step away from football, because his presence has been phenomenal over the years.

Including sharing stories like this one.

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