Did Andy Reid take a shot at Kyle Shanahan over practice field conditions?

Is Reid trying to stick it to Shanahan and the 49ers?

Super Bowl LVIII Opening Night
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One of the storylines this week leading up to Super Bowl LVIII is the practice field conditions. The San Francisco 49ers have voiced their displeasure with the practice field they have to work on this week as the visiting team for the Super Bowl while the Chiefs get access to the Raiders' facilities.

Shanahan seemed to be over the situation and when asked, said "It is what it is. We'll be all right. It's the field we got. We're good."

Throw that to the other side of the coin where Reid heaped praise onto the Chiefs' situation. When discussing the facilities the Chiefs get to use this week as the home team for the big game, Chiefs head coach Andy Reid didn't hesitate to boast about how good his guys have it.

"Asked on Wednesday morning whether these are the best conditions he’s ever had for preparing for a Super Bowl, Reid answered, “Yes.”

“It’s great conditions to prepare for this game,” Reid continued. “I think our guys have been focused in on this point, and the facilities are great.”"

From Michael David Smith's article

Is Andy Reid rubbing salt in the wound?

Truthfully, I don't take this as Reid throwing shade at the Niners for complaining. He's not the kind of guy who's going to do that. More than likely, he's probably pleased with the Chiefs' facilities and thankful they get the better end of the deal for this Super Bowl.

It also probably doesn't hurt that Reid and the Chiefs get to stick it to their division rival, as they're playing in a playoff game before the Raiders are.

At this point, the practice field situation, as Shanahan said, "is what it is". The Niners need to focus on the task at hand, which is winning Super Bowl LVIII this weekend.