Why 49ers should trade Brandon Aiyuk for Davante Adams

The 49ers should trade wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk in exchange for superstar wide receiver Davante Adams.

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With trade rumors swirling around San Francisco 49ers star wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk, if the Niners end up trading him, they should only do it if they get a better player in return.

That would be the case with the Las Vegas Raiders' superstar wide receiver, Davante Adams.

49ers should trade Brandon Aiyuk for Raiders' Davante Adams

Trade rumors have circled Adams ever since the Raiders moved on from quarterback Derek Carr after the 2022 season. Adams made it clear that Carr was one of the, if not the, biggest reasons that Adams wanted to play for Vegas.

Now, with the Raiders' quarterback situation very much in flux, Adams may want to go to a situation that has a more stable quarterback.

Perhaps... a situation like in San Francisco.

From Aiyuk's perspective, there were cryptic comments made by his friend and girlfriend which seemed to suggest that his time in San Francisco could be coming to a close. His friend even predicted that Aiyuk would be playing for the Raiders next season.

Of course, tempers and passions can run high so shortly after a Super Bowl loss. It is impossible to know what Aiyuk wants or where he wants to play next season.

But, in a world in which both the Niners and Raiders would even entertain trading Aiyuk and Adams, it could make a good deal of sense for both sides.

Aiyuk is about to turn 26 years old, while Adams is 31. Aiyuk appears to be coming into his own as a receiver, earning a second-team All-Pro nod this past season. Adams has maintained his status as one of the, arguably the, best receivers in the NFL for some time now.

The 49ers are in a "win now" mode as their championship window remains open, but it closes more and more year after year. The Raiders showed promise under head coach Antonio Pierce last season, but they are still trying to assemble the puzzle pieces to become a contender.

Aiyuk is a player whom the Raiders can build around and pair with whoever their quarterback ends up being going forward. Adams would come in for the 49ers as their No. 1 receiver and would immediately make him and Deebo Samuel the most feared wide receiver tandem in the NFL.

Of course, this would not be a one-for-one trade. To get Adams as part of the deal, the 49ers would most likely need to throw in either another player or a draft pick. But it would be worth it to land such a big super star receiver who has the potential to make an already formidable 49ers offense that much better.

While this is a fun trade to imagine, it seems unlikely to happen. The Raiders seem like they do not want to part ways with Adams, despite his name continually being in trade rumors. And despite Aiyuk's coy approach to a possible contract extension, the 49ers will certainly want to extend his contract after such a great year when he developed good chemistry with quarterback Brock Purdy.

However, offseasons are long and things can change quickly. If the 49ers are unable to work out a deal with Aiyuk and if Davante Adams decides that he wants out of Las Vegas, then John Lynch should do all he can to swing a trade to land Adams as the 49ers desperately try to win their sixth Super Bowl.

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