49ers roster: Extend or cut? Evaluating Niners' upcoming free agents

With the end of the season fast approaching, Niner Noise looks at the 16 upcoming free agents from the 49ers roster and whether to extend or cut them from the team for 2024.
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The 49ers have 16 free agents they have to deal with at the end of the season. Money will be tight, so who should stay and who should go?

The San Francisco 49ers have enjoyed a stellar 2023 so far, sitting atop the NFC and are the toast of the NFL with talks of Super Bowl glory being mentioned in all corners of social media and regular media as well.

While of course there's a lot of football to be played before the Niners can clinch the No. 1 seed and hopefully their sixth Lombardi on top of that, one of the reasons that the team has been so dominant is the excellent roster compiled by general manager John Lynch.

Of course, every team has free agents, and San Francisco has some big decisions to make at the end of the year. Money is going to be increasingly tight, especially once Brock Purdy gets paid his franchise quarterback money.

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So, the 49ers will need to be very selective and stretch the money as thin as they can.

The team has 16 free agents to choose who to keep and who to get rid of, and very conveniently for this article, they're split between eight players on offense and eight on defense.

It's lovely how these things dovetail so neatly sometimes.

So, let's take a look at these 16 free agents and lay out whether or not the Niners should keep them or allow them to walk. And if the decision is to keep them, exactly what should they be aiming to do given their tight financial situation?

You can find the free agents and their 2023 cap hit on Spotrac here.

Let's take a look.