Who will 49ers peg to back up quarterback Brock Purdy in 2024?

Potential options for the 49ers on the quarterback depth chart for next season

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Joshua Dobbs
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49ers option No. 3: Former Cardinal and Viking may best back up Brock Purdy

Joshua Dobbs is also a veteran looking to see more playing time. Should Brock Purdy get hurt or uncharacteristically regress, Dobbs has upside.

The 29-year-old hurler had a rough tenure in Arizona with the Cardinals before being traded to the Minnesota Vikings. In his five games with the Vikings, Dobbs won three of those five games (both losses were by two points or less).

With 895 yards and a 71.4-percent completion rate, Dobbs had six touchdowns and five picks. Four of those interceptions did come in the same game, though, in a two-point loss against the Bears.

Another fresh start with a team like the 49ers, which has multiple weapons and an established run game could revitalize Dobbs' career and provide San Francisco with a solid backup behind Purdy.