49ers vs. Packers: Golden playoff rivalry packed with drama

The Niners and Packers meet for the 10th time in postseason play this upcoming weekend.

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Terrell Owens (81)
San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Terrell Owens (81) / BRUCE GORDON/GettyImages
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49ers vs. Packers history in NFL playoffs (2000s)

After what seemed to be a yearly occurrence of the 49ers and Packers squaring off against each other in the latter half of the 1990s, the two teams met only once in the postseason during the 2000s.

Perhaps that's due to the fact that San Francisco fell on hard times after some initial success during the decade, and the NFL playoffs were the furthest thing from the 49ers' collective mind from 2003 through 2009.

As far as the lone time the Niners and Packers met? Well, it didn't go well for San Francisco.

2001 Wild Card Game: Packer 25, 49ers 15

Up 7-6 at Lambeau Field after two quarters, the 49ers would give up four scoring drives to the Packers in the second half.

This would be the last time Brett Favre was a part of the two teams' playoff history, though. By the time the Niners and Packers met again in the postseason, it was over a decade later with another notable Green Bay quarterback under center.