49ers news: Niners fans expected to take over in Minnesota vs. Vikings

49ers fans travel well. Vikings fans in Minnesota are about to find out.

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While it might not be as drastic as SoFI Stadium in Southern California, 49ers fans are forecasted to comprise much of the crowd at US Bank Stadium in Week 7.

Some NFL teams' fanbases almost never extend beyond the natural geographical reach of each franchise (sorry, Los Angeles Chargers).

The San Francisco 49ers aren't one of those teams.

The Niners are a global brand with a national following. The Faithful travel well no matter where the red and gold play. Case in point, just ask Los Angeles Rams fans how SoFI Stadium looks when San Francisco comes to town. Likewise, the Dallas Cowboys understand how AT&T Stadium will look more red on the inside than blue.

If the 2-4 Minnesota Vikings weren't sure how things would look in Week 7 when the 49ers visit for Monday Night Football, they're about to find out.

49ers Faithful to invade Vikings territory, will make up nearly half the crowd at US Bank Stadium

According to information shared to Niner Noise from Vivid Seats, their Fan Forecast predicts that 43 percent of those in attendance at the Vikings' home venue, US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, will be Niners fans.

Not quite half, but it's not going to be almost entirely Vikings fans either. No, San Francisco fans wil be well represented and will be loud, too, which plays a role in a dome stadium like that of US Bank Stadium.

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This is pretty notable considering it's a 2,000-mile distance between the Bay Area and Minneapolis, so fans who want to make the trek from California to Minnesota have to do some serious planning.

It's not just taking over SoFI Stadium by driving down I-5 or Highway 101 in California.

Regardless, expect the 49ers' presence in Week 7 on Monday Night Football to be felt, and hopefully it does enough to jostle the home team to the point of the Niners' sixth win of the season.

San Francisco and Minnesota kick off on Monday, Oct. 23 at 8:15 p.m. ET.

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