49ers game grades from needed victory over Washington Commanders

The 49ers were heavy favorites heading into Washington D.C. against the Commanders and took care of business. Niner Noise hands out grades from the contest.

San Francisco 49ers v Washington Commanders
San Francisco 49ers v Washington Commanders / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages
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Sam Howell, 49ers
San Francisco 49ers v Washington Commanders / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

49ers Defensive Grades

The 49ers defense was rather porous against a Commanders offense that had been struggling for the last couple of weeks, but when they needed to make a couple plays, they took care of business and clinched the game.

49ers Rushing Defense

The 49ers rushing defense allowed only 63 yards on 13 carries, but stats are rather misleading for how they played the Commanders rushing attack. Like most 49ers game this year, opposing offenses ended up abandoning the run because of game situation, which led to the minimal carries. When the Commanders ran the ball, they were able to consistently get positive yards, especially at the tail end of carries. Credit to the 49ers for not allowing huge runs, but not a fantastic showing.

Grade: B-

49ers Passing Defense

The 49ers passing defense operated in a feast-or-famine structure, with the Commanders either getting chunk plays through the air or absolutely nothing. Sam Howell was able to get the ball down the field on a couple of big plays, and the screen game worked very well for the Commanders offense, but those were matched with miscues in execution and a couple interceptions that the 49ers used to end the game. It meant that at times the 49ers defense looked lost, but it all averages out to a rather successful game against the Commanders passing unit.

Grade: B

49ers Defense B-. B-. Overall Grade. . 49ers Defense