49ers fill their biggest need in this 1st-round mock NFL Draft

It's draft season, which means it's mock draft season! Niner Noise mocks the first round of the NFL Draft, all 32 picks of it.
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Amarius Mims
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42. Georgia. player. Amarius Mims. Amarius Mims. . Offensive Tackle. 31. 31.

The Niners might not get Jordan Morgan, but they get a very intriguing tackle prospect of their own in Amarius Mims, the man mountain out of Georgia who is full of talent and also the biggest boom-or-bust prospect in this draft.

A mammoth 6-foot-8 and 340 pounds with some incredible athleticism, long arms that are perfect for a tackle and a mean streak that serves him well in the trenches, Mims on the surface is a perfect prospect to be a left tackle and a high draft pick.

What's caused Mims to fall is a lack of durability and experience at Georgia, as well as an inability to finish the NFL Combine. What will suit the 49ers, however, is the need at right tackle, meaning he can play there immediately and be an understudy to the best left tackle in the game in Trent Williams.

Mims needs a bit of polishing up to realize his potential, but the Niners just need the patience to bring it out.

They have time to do that, though, and in the short term be an upgrade at right tackle.

Texas. player. . Wide Receiver. Adonai Mitchell. 32. . Adonai Mitchell. 32. 124

The Kansas City Chiefs will find it harder to repeat in 2024 with more talent leaving, but it's by no means impossible with quarterback Patrick Mahomes at the helm.

It wouldn't hurt to give him some more talent at the receiving position, though.

Adonai Mitchell had 55 receptions for 845 yards and 11 touchdowns for Texas in 2023. He followed that up with a strong combine, and while not as fast as his teammate, Xavier Worthy, he's still very explosive in his own right.

An excellent size at 6-foot-2 and 205 pounds, Mitchell is a more versatile receiver and better route runner than Worthy. While not possessing his explosiveness or straight line speed, Mitchell releases well at the line of scrimmage and is more than a match for NFL defensive backs.

Mitchell's strong NFL Combine pushed him to the Round 1 bubble, and for a team that needs talent at wide receiver, he's in a perfect spot to make an impact early.

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