49ers may have cost Nick Sirianni his emotional support bodyguard

New reporting suggests the Eagles' head coach missed bodyguard in more ways than one after suspension.

San Francisco 49ers v Philadelphia Eagles
San Francisco 49ers v Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

New reporting suggests that the 49ers took away Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni's emotional support bodyguard in addition to embarrassing his team in Philadelphia.

The San Francisco 49ers embarrassed the Philadelphia Eagles this past season.

The Niners dominated Philly 42-19 in a game in which a sideline altercation between linebacker Dre Greenlaw and Eagles head of security Dom DiSandro, aka "Big Dom," led to both men being ejected.

49ers may have cost Nick Sirianni his emotional support bodyguard

DiSandro was not allowed back on the sideline for the rest of the regular season, and it seems as if some are using that as an excuse for why the Eagles were not at their best after they got pummeled by San Francisco.

The reporting is that without DiSandro, Sirianni was not able to keep his emotions in check as much and would argue more with players and coaches. Apparently, DiSandro was some sort of soothing influence for Sirianni, perhaps a "Sirianni Whisperer," if you will, who was able to keep him in check on the sideline.

This is fairly ironic considering DiSandro was all too ready to get into the middle of a scrum on the sideline when he was not wearing pads or a helmet.

But, honestly, anyone who has watched the way Sirianni conducts himself as a coach understands that he lacks the emotional maturity that one would expect from someone in his position. He has been known to taunt opponents and fans alike, so perhaps it should not be all that surprising that without having the calming influence of DiSandro by his side, he became even less in control of his emotions as the season wore on and the losses piled up.

For whatever faults Niners head coach Kyle Shanahan has, at least he acts like an NFL head coach on the sidelines and has a good amount of emotional maturity.

We shall see how the Eagles fare next season. The 49ers will not face Philadelphia unless it is in the postseason as the two teams will not face each other in the regular season.

Let's just hope for Sirianni's sake that he has his emotional support bodyguard by his side next season so he can go back to being the bastion of maturity and professionalism that he usually is on the sidelines.

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