49ers rumors: Adam Peters’ departure to Texans is debunked

Vice President of Player Personnel Adam Peters of the San Francisco 49ers (Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images)
Vice President of Player Personnel Adam Peters of the San Francisco 49ers (Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images) /

A juicy 49ers rumor swirled around suggesting that Adam Peters would be off to the Texans this offseason, but such a move isn’t going to take place.

Let’s start this off by admitting a simple truth about the San Francisco 49ers.

Assistant general manager Adam Peters makes general manager John Lynch look awfully, awfully good.

While Lynch is the public-facing figurehead of the franchise and holds the title of GM, there are many who will never be swayed from the notion that Peters is the one who works the roster magic, helping find many of the mid- and late-round gems in the NFL Draft for whom the Niners have become so well-known since 2017.

And yet San Francisco seemed poised to lose Peters, as a recent rumor out there suggested he’d follow the 49ers’ former defensive coordinator, DeMeco Ryans, to the Houston Texans where Ryans is now a first-year head coach.

Why would Adam Peters leave 49ers for Texans?

The rumor started from the San Francisco Chronicle’s Mike Silver, who reported that Houston would hone in on Peters if its own general manager, Nick Caserio, vacated his position and returned to his former team, the New England Patriots:

It made sense. Caserio could be the odd man out with the Texans’ recent onboarding of Ryans, and Peters is forever going to be in Lynch’s shadow as long as the latter is with the Niners.

That said, Peters already declined interviews with two other teams for their GM vacancies earlier this offseason, which suggested that he’s either happy with how things are in San Francisco or is just being awfully picky about his next assignment.

Either way, it doesn’t appear as if Peters will be heading to Houston, and Caserio is a big reason why.

Nick Caserio is staying with Texans, meaning Adam Peters will stay with 49ers… for now

Speaking with Houston-area media members, Caserio had to set the record straight about his future with a rebuilding Texans squad.

Courtesy of KPRC2’s Aaron Wilson, Caserio admitted he’s not going anywhere:

Paralleling Caserio staying put, Peters will do the same.

That said, Peters is becoming a more important figure in NFL circles, and his own talents are beginning to raise eyebrows.

If they haven’t already.

The 49ers may have dodged a proverbial bullet with Caserio staying in Houston, but another team could easily try luring Peters away from his job in the Bay Area.

Unless he truly is happy in that role and doesn’t want to leave, and Niners fans probably prefer things that way.

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