2023 mock NFL Draft 2.0: Fallout from free agency wave and NFL Combine

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The 2022 NFL Draft logo Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /
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Jack Campbell, Iowa Hawkeyes
Jack Campbell, Iowa Hawkeyes(Photo by David Berding/Getty Images) /

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On the clock: NFL Draft Pick No. 30: Philadelphia Eagles – Jack Campbell, Linebacker, Iowa

Mock Draft 1.0 – Jack Campbell, Linebacker, Iowa

The Eagles did a good job signing a lot of their free agents, but they’ll likely use this pick as a replacement somewhere on the defense. They can afford to take the best player that fits, and that would be Jack Campbell at this juncture.

Campbell is an off-ball linebacker who has all the tall to be a three-down starter in the NFL, and he could be picked a lot earlier than this. For the Iowa Hawkeyes, Campbell had 125 tackles, one pass defended, one sack, one forced fumble and two interceptions including a phenomenal interception of C.J. Stroud against Ohio State.

There aren’t too many wrinkles in his game, being able to excel in coverage or defending the run. He’s pretty tall for a linebacker at 6-foot-5 and 246 pounds, but he makes sure he gets low and doesn’t allow leverage underneath him.

Campbell is an exceptionally smart player who can also end up being the defensive play-caller for an NFL team. He’s a very smart player who can diagnose offenses, and he has the speed and strength to be an instant impact. He would be an excellent choice for an already elite Eagles squad looking to get back to the Super Bowl.